How online stores can trust credit cards

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Have you ever tried shopping online? If you have not, do not be surprised if you are met with an error as you enter your credit card information. Before you jump to conclusions, this is not someone trying to steal your information, and neither does this mean that your credit card is maxed out. As a matter of fact, shopping cart softwareand shopping cart ecommercecan only do so much on their part. The most likely reason for such a result is due to the fact that your credit card has not yet been activated for online purchases. And this makes perfect sense. Some credit card companies require their credit card holders to make a call as well as confirm with them that they indeed want to shop online. Think of this as a security measure to ensure that nobody will be making any unauthorized purchases through your credit card. After all, anyone who knows your credit card number and other pertinent information may pose as you and shop till they drop if there are no safeguards in place. This is also one way that businesses can make sure that they are dealing with real persons and that they are not duped into selling their products over someone who is trying to get it by unlawful means. And that makes perfect sense. So don’t get mad or frustrated if you are met with a message that your card has been refused. All you have to do is call your credit card company.


You need to have an online shopping cart if you want to make it in the Internet. Otherwise, your online store will only be good for window shopping.