Partnering with an order fulfillment service

Written by USA2Me

If you are the owner of a web store or a small business that offers postage of packages, you might find that partnering with an order fulfillment service is more cost effective than offering the service in-house. The reason behind this is that the fixed costs involved in hiring carriers and purchasing software to maintain stocks are often high. Moreover, having a warehouse where to stock products and equipment for package processing could also represent some hefty spending. Outsourcing the service, is, in comparison very cost-effective.

Some of the advantages of partnering with an order fulfillment service are that you would not have to worry about space. The fulfillment company would be able to absorb seasonal high and lows when it comes to parcel forwarding, shipping and returns. Furthermore, these companies often have agreements with major carriers and this gives them access to certain bulk discounts that they could pass on to you. The cost of these fulfillment companies remain low as they spread out their fixed costs such as rent and salaries into variable costs per order handled. This would not have been possible if you had been handling this service yourself. Partnering with a fulfillment service would also allow you to focus mainly on your business and to leave the other tasks to your partner.

There are moreover, some instances where outsourcing fulfillment services are unavoidable. For example if your company is too small to have its own warehouse or for foreign exporters.

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