Understanding The Basics Of Chargebacks

The phrase chargeback is something that can scare companies when they are receiving credit card payments.  Understanding what a chargeback is can be very important due to the fact that it can help you in knowing what to expect with credit card payments.

The term chargeback occurs when a customer basically refuses to pay for a charge that has appeared on his or her credit card.  They are stating, when they refuse to pay, that the charge is not their responsibility.  A chargeback can occur in the event that the customer does not receive the product or service that they have been charged for.  A chargeback can also occur is the person who receives the charge does not understand or recognize who the charge is originating from on the credit card statement.  There is also the opportunity that a chargeback is fraudulent, meaning that the customer received the product or service, but has decided that they are not going to pay for the product or service and have decided to fight the charge.

Chargebacks are something that every single company has to deal with when they sell their products or services via credit card sales.  Solid trust pay has dealt with chargebacks for years.  Chargebacks can be great for consumers as it is a way that they can be protected from not having to pay for charges that they have received which are false and simply not accurate.  Solidtrustpay can help in cases where chargebacks are claimed.  Chargebacks can also provide an opportunity for fraud though. can help you learn about chargebacks and fight them.

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