Why Small Businesses Should Accept Credit Cards From Their Customers

Choosing to use credit card merchant services if you haven’t already could be the best decision you ever make. Did you know that accepting credit cards at your business can instantly increase your sales by 23%? This is because most people today only carry their credit card with them. Yes they can use an ATM machine inside a store or make a quick run to the bank for cash, but if you choose not to accept their credit card, it is so incontinent and out of the ordinary that it borders on the point of insult. You can easily lose hundreds, even thousands of customers every year by not accepting credit cards.

A credit card merchant account can offer you much more business than before on a cash or check only basis. Nobody really carries their checkbook around anymore. It’s a security risk because they have no way of stopping a thief from using their checks, where a simple phone call can deactivate a credit card.

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