Unusual Places for a POS Credit Card Terminal

The invention of a standardized monetary system eliminated the need for bartering for goods and services.  Paper money reduced the need for a strict coinage system.  The advent of plastic money has led to a cashless system.  This latest trend in the economic structure has increased the need for merchants to implore the use of a POS credit card terminal.

Department stores, which had already been accustomed to patrons relying on credit, were obvious places for using these terminals.  Shopping malls and restaurant chains came next as less and less people carried enough cash for their purchases.   These were unsurprising places for merchants to accept credit cards; however, there have been a number of unusual places that have begun to rely on these online merchant account services.

One such place may ring a bell.  A number of those iconic red, tin Salvation Army buckets now come with their own POS systems.  Sprint graciously donated card readers for mobile devices to those volunteers collecting for the red kettle.  This new technology is not yet fully wide spread, but with the ability to donate more than the ever dwindling amount of spare cash and loose change the average person carries, the use of these credit card terminals has led to a record breaking year in fund-raising for the Salvation Army having collect $147.6 million in 2011.

Checking out books at the library may not cost anything, but being late in returning them will.  Even though many late fees are only a few quarters and dimes a day, the average person would still opt to paying a late fee on an overdue book on credit.  The San Francisco and New York Public Libraries have been using online services to allow these transgressors to pay their fees with debit or credit cards.  A few libraries in Columbus, GA have the ability to swipe away these debts at the library in person.

The Girl Scouts desire to build up their young members with the training and skills required to be successful members of society.  These scouts are taught to sell with confidence and campaign to raise money by vending a delicious assortment of cookies.  These girls stand outside grocery stores calling out for some shopper to buy a box or two.  Of course, these shoppers are more than likely paying for their groceries with plastic instead of paper, and so these young scouts learn the value of keeping up with technological trends and come prepared with mobile POS credit card terminals.

Now the cashless shopper can buy as many peanut butter patties and thin mints as a card can buy.  You’ve been warned.


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