Five Easy Steps for Processing a Credit Card

Article Written by : How Merchant Accounts Work

Initiate the process: The cardholder initiates credit card processing by handing you the credit card. Cardholders can choose whether they give information to you or not and it is illegal for you to gather their information without their consent. They can either give you their credit card in person for you to enter manually, or they can enter the information themselves for online payments.

  1. Enter in the information: Sometimes, if you accept credit cards online, the cardholder will enter in his or her own information. But if they hand you the card themselves in person, you’ll have to swipe it in a credit card machine.
  2. Authorize the charge: Once the charge is authorized, it is sent through the system to the processer who then charges the card.
  3. Deposit money to your account: The processor will deposit your money in what is called a merchant account. You won’t be able to withdraw from this account but it will be transferred to a place you where you can. Money will be automatically withdrawn from this account provided by credit card services and then transferred to your business account.
  4. Enjoy your cash: Use the money you receive however you see fit.

Accept Credit Cards For Business Sales To Grow Revenue

Article Written by : Boston Buyers Club

If you are a business owner you are constantly trying to put in the work to grow revenue.  One way to grow revenue is to be able to accept credit cards for business sales.  Having a merchant credit card terminal that is reliable and secure is a great way to bring in new customers.  Credit cards are the way that just about all consumers now pay for products, and they are a must if you want to survive in the business world.

Customers are beginning to shop on the Internet now more than ever.  This is making in extremely easy for companies to start up e-commerce sites to sell their products and services.  The problem though is that many of these companies are not able to accept credit cards and debit card payments over the Internet.  This is all changing thanks to the addition of merchant account technology.  With merchant accounts, you can utilize a professional service provider that will allow you to be able to accept credit cards in a secure manner.  This is going to make you far more able to bring in more consumers than you ever thought possible.  With the added customers will come added revenue, and thus added profit that you can flip into capital that can help your business grow going forward.