Understanding The Basics Of Chargebacks

The phrase chargeback is something that can scare companies when they are receiving credit card payments.  Understanding what a chargeback is can be very important due to the fact that it can help you in knowing what to expect with credit card payments.

The term chargeback occurs when a customer basically refuses to pay for a charge that has appeared on his or her credit card.  They are stating, when they refuse to pay, that the charge is not their responsibility.  A chargeback can occur in the event that the customer does not receive the product or service that they have been charged for.  A chargeback can also occur is the person who receives the charge does not understand or recognize who the charge is originating from on the credit card statement.  There is also the opportunity that a chargeback is fraudulent, meaning that the customer received the product or service, but has decided that they are not going to pay for the product or service and have decided to fight the charge.

Chargebacks are something that every single company has to deal with when they sell their products or services via credit card sales.  Solid trust pay has dealt with chargebacks for years.  Chargebacks can be great for consumers as it is a way that they can be protected from not having to pay for charges that they have received which are false and simply not accurate.  Solidtrustpay can help in cases where chargebacks are claimed.  Chargebacks can also provide an opportunity for fraud though. can help you learn about chargebacks and fight them.

How Wireless Credit Card Processing Can Help To Stream Line Your Business

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For many companies being on the go is just a part of how things are which means they need to use every tool possible to keep on track and to help keep things running smoothly. For those that sell products it can be a daunting task keeping up with sales especially if you are not always at the office. This is why wireless credit card processing can help to allow you to continue running your business even when you are away from the office.

This option allows you to accept new customers and to process payments quickly and securely. There is no reason to lose out on business just because of the payment processor. Finding the right solutions for your business may seem like a daunting task but with a bit of research you can find what will help your business and within a budget that you can afford.

Many companies are unable to accept credit cards because they don’t have the right setup or payment solutions which can cause them to lose business which can cause financial hardships. If you are looking for retail merchant accounts that can help to keep you in business you may want to consider looking for reputable companies online that can provide you with what you need. The Total Merchant Services

Total Merchant Services that are being used today to help many different businesses keep ahead of the competition and to help streamline their business may be unknown but with the right sources and solutions any business can successfully move to the next level.

Tips To Lower Your Merchant Account Fees

Are the high fees charged by merchant banks to open a merchant account preventing you from accepting credit and debit card payments from your customers? Not only will potential customers prefer a competitor’s store which offers credit and debit card payment facilities, you are also losing a main source of sales which are impulse purchases. Giving the option to pay with a credit or debit card will increase the customer’s purchasing capacity which in turn will increase your sales. Visit to find out more about opening a merchant account.

You will be surprised to find how much of fees can be reduced by careful planning. Here are some tips on how to do it:

Shop around

This is the most important thing to do. Check the rates offered by several merchant service providers such as Solid Trust Pay and compare them to find out which one offers the most suited facilities to suit your needs at the best rates. Make sure to ask for all the fees and charges the account will entail in black white to eliminate any surprise fees being charged from you.

Knowing the market rates charged will give you the power to negotiate for the best possible rates.
Comparing prices should not stop after you open the account, it should be an ongoing process to look out for better options offered by merchant service providers such as solidtrustpay
Have two merchant accounts

This can actually reduce your costs if you do similar numbers of point of sale and online transactions. If the merchant account you have has a tiered fee structure you will be charged more for online card non present transactions as against the lower rate paid for card present transactions. Whereas a single fee structure you will be paying the same for both types of transactions which means you pay more for point of sale transactions since the online transaction fee is more costly, but the same rate is charged for both. By having two accounts which give you the best rate for each type of transaction will reduce your costs considerably. Speak to Solid Trust Pay to work out the best solution for you.
Use address verification system (AVS)

If you do online transactions AVS will help reduce fraudulent transactions by comparing the shipping and billing addresses to verify a match, and if they do not match you can call for confirmation or cancel the order. This will prevent fraudulent transactions and chargeback which can be costly not only because of the loss of business but because of the chargeback fees that will be charged from you. At you can find out about the various charges associated with a merchant account.