Boost Sales By Investing On A Merchant Account

Online stores have become popular these days as it serves as an easy and fast gateway for people to shop. For online store owners, it is important that they can provide an easy payment method and be able to process credit card online as this is the preferred payment option of most online shoppers. To be able to accept credit card payments, online store owners need to invest on a merchant account.

Some store owners think that having a merchant account is simply an added cost on their monthly expenditure, but if you research and realize what it benefits are you will discover that it truly is a wise investment. There are many fraudulent transactions online, this is why both the seller and buyer would like to protect themselves from scams. A merchant account is the solution, this way the buyer would not need to provide personal credit information to the seller while the seller will also limit the number of fake and fraudulent transactions. Also, shoppers are hesitant of other payment options, regardless of whether they like your products or not, if they could not pay you in a manner they prefer you will immediately lose a sale.

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Credit Card Processing Services

There are many different credit card processing services that a business owner can utilize in his or her business. The type depends mainly on the kind of business you run. The service will be different for somebody who runs an entirely online business than somebody who owns a store. There are three different merchant accounts that determine the way a credit card gets rung up: retail, internet, and over the phone, or mail to order.

Retail Merchant Accounts

These accounts are for businesses where the credit card is swiped for at least 70% of their sales. This includes grocery stores, pharmacies, drug stores, and any other location that you physically shop at. One benefit of having this type of merchant account is that there is usually a lower transaction fee from the processing company. With how many transactions your business would conduct, it is a better deal for you as the owner. This type of account should be used if you are not planning on expanding your business to an online site or take over the phone orders, but to keep sales entirely in person.

Internet Merchant Accounts

These accounts should be used when you are running a business entirely online. It is a great option for people who sell homemade items and run their business through word of mouth and online marketing. A benefit that comes with this account is that most credit card processing companies offer a web hosting package which includes a shopping cart, or step by step purchase screens. This is helpful and saves time on your part with designing your website.

Mail to Order/Over the Phone Merchant Accounts

This account is great for companies that sell over a large distance, and take orders through the phone. If a company has a commercial for a product, they will sometimes provide a phone number to call and order it. This way of taking credit card payments could be a little scary to the client because it requires the client to give their credit card information to a stranger over the phone. Due to the lack of the card being in the presence of the business, there is higher transaction fee (because of the higher risk).

There are many different credit card services out there. Each has different fees and interest rates, all which vary. However, finding the right account will help your business grow and be successful while ensuring your clients’ credit information is safe and you are able to deposit your money where it needs to go.


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